• a particular form or stage of civilization,
    as that of a certain nation or period: Greek culture.
  • development or improvement of the mind
    by education or training.
  • the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social,
    ethnic, or age group:
    the youth culture; the drug culture.
  • Anthropology. the sum total of ways of living built up by
    a group of human beings
    and transmitted from one generation to another.
  • the quality in a person or society that arises from
    a concern for what is regarded as excellent
    in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.
  • that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc


Lock-up  or  Unlock  Potential

It is people who make all things possible.  Inside the Old Jailer’s home, programming connects individuals and groups to opportunity where personal desires, objectives, and goals are shared to create a vision of the future.

Each individual can make a choice to make a difference.  Be a part of shaping the future by enjoying yourself today.  Join in the fun… choose a “can do” project and become part of the whole community, day’s culture.


Potential CHOICES: Lock-up or UnlockIt is time to get the lead out of the old jail and open doors to new opportunity.  The old Scott County Jail is a symbol of choices.  Surrounded by negatives, every day each individual must make choices that either limits their growth or unlocks their potential.

What we can do:  We MUST take care of the roof to protect the historic jail, and get the pealing lead paint out to let people in.

“If a man is to survive the world
He must first survive himself”
– inscription of Jail Inmate

The first rooms will be the jail office – to take it back to 1892, and the Jailer’s family kitchen – to take it back to 1950 – 1980.  Inside these two rooms we can show pictures of the past, share “insider” stories, and give you a peek into what was, what is, and what can be….

uth Arts and Education

Youth projects engage and benefit all ages.  Volunteer networking for creative arts projects connect youth to town, the environment, each other and the community.

Georgetown Cultural District Historic Gardens provide opportunities for creative volunteer and youth  “Yes You Can” programs connecting the past with the present.

Many of our programs tie into a community initiative at historic garden sites in Georgetown and Scott County for residents’ pleasure and visitors’ delight…


Scott County Arts Consortium Youth Arts and Education Project with Scott County Girl Scout Troop 1475-Russell during Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather's dedication of their Butterfly Grafitti Garden in the Georgetown Cultural District Historic Gardens Heritage Garden on North Mulberry.

Scott County Arts Consortium Youth Arts and Education Project with Scott County Girl Scout Troop 1475-Russell during Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather’s dedication of their Butterfly Grafitti Garden in the Georgetown Cultural District Historic Gardens Heritage Garden on North Mulberry.


North Mulberry Heritage Gardens:  Step on downtown to the Georgetown & Scott County Museum for a side trip back 10,000 to 15,000 years on North Mulberry to uncover the first  site: Bluegrass Wild Garden murals by Stevie Moore, with native plantings in progress sharing the same wall as the contemporary Butterfly Graffiti Rock Garden – the future site of Girl Scout Gold developing a community mural. Gracing the parking lot are butterfly wings, the visual clue offered by artist Amy Rogers, now a nationally certified Monarch Way Station thanks to Scott County Girls Scouts, the UK-Scott County Cooperative Extension Office, and the SCAC Youth Arts and Education and Art in Public Places programs.

Gardens-CelindinePoppyinWoods197_o  AtLee-Graffiti_8880WEB

West Main Street presents you two gardens:

  • The Pioneer Garden in Royal Spring Park on South Water Street is located at the Big Spring, discovered in 1774.  The site hosts two dry-stack raised bed herb gardens built by Boy Scouts Austin Anderson and Austin show plants native to Kentucky, or what a settler would have carried with them for survival building their home in the wilderness.
  • The Victorican Gardens:  Yes “i can” is part of the name at least until a horticulturalist reshapes it with a sharp spade or hoe.  Located on North Water Street at the site of the 1870’s residence and 1892 Scott County Jail, the gardens are in the beginning of development to provide artistic inspiration and flowers for receptions, and pinch-plants for art projects.  Now home to a growing population of Monarch Butterflies, it has become a nursery for plants and migrating endangered life.  The gardens definitely come to life with butterflies and photographers throughout the seasons.
  • North Water Street Heritage Gardens:  Step across the street from the Scott County Arts & Cultural Welcome Center to discover live demonstrations of what can be done…. The UK Horticulture Extension Research Garden hosted by Scott County Master Gardener Milton Adams is in its second year of date gathering, and the Girl Scouts Butterfly Research Garden is just completing its first seed planting year of six varieties of Milkweed.  Yes, milkweed is an attractive plant and flower in the right place.  It is very attractive to Monarch Butterflies who endorsed the location with numerous successful egg-to-adult life cycles.


Art in Public Places

Art is expression. Art is a process.  Artists’ works are presented in public places bringing value and pride to the community. Exhibits at the Arts & Cultural Center, Girl Scout Butterfly Graffiti Rock Gardens, Bluegrass Wild Garden, Elkhorn Conference Room in the Scott County Court House, Scott County Artists throughout City Hall, and a new invitation to paint the town – sidewalk street art downtown Georgetown, BIKES bikes bikes decorated and on parade…


Year of the Log Cabin

Projects and events featuring the Log Cabin quilt bock support the restoration of the Milton Leach Cabin at Royal Spring Park for cultural arts & education programming.

Quilt designs attract visitors downtown and provide the community opportunity to participate in preserving and celebrating the best of the past for cultural connections.

Georgetown, Scott County is rich in history and architectural and horticultural excellence.  Ask: “May I…” for the answer ” Yes, you can.”


and Visitor's Welcome Center