The ArtZone

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Welcoming, non-judgmental classes in conceptual arts, visual arts including digital photography, and ceramics are held onsite and can be arranged with artists from around the county.

If you want a favorite class or something extra special call to arrange your own “Custom Class”!

Classes may be arranged for 3 or more students at times that work for both you and the instructor.

Want to reserve a studio to teach private lessons  ? Want to teach a class  ?  Want to register for a class  ?  Want to join our email list  ?  Want more information  ?

Call the Scott County Arts & Cultural Center: 502-570-8366 to register for a class.

Saturday ART Classes  All ages and abilities

      “Drawing” open session   $10

      “Treasure Boxes” clay creations  $20   plus firing and glaze fees

      “Clay Class” open session  $20  plus firing and glaze fees

Saturday ART Classes Age 16 through adults of all abilities

      “Landscape Painting in Acrylics”  2:15-4:15 p.m. $75/ 4 wks

      “Paper Flower Gardening”  12-2 p.m.  $15

      “Digital Painting”  12-2 p.m.  $15

       Creative Recycling” 12-2 p.m.  $15

CUSTOM CLASSES are available in for groups or individuals.  Call 502-570-8366.

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